The Barre + Yoga Experience is located on Route 44 in Smithfield, RI. Our 1,100 square foot space is conveniently located less than a quarter of a mile off of I-295 (exit 12A). We’re located 45 minutes outside of Boston and a short 15 minute drive to Providence.

Our studio offers plenty of parking and a changing room for your convenience.


When you enter TB+YE, you’re entering into a community and a place of acceptance. It’s all about YOU and what’s happening in your body, on your mat. We’re all here to encourage one another, to push one another. So bring your energy and be ready to experience TB+YE.

The Barre + Yoga Experience was created to form a community of togetherness - free of judgement, free of self-doubt, free of stress and anxieties that life throws at us everyday.  We're living in this new 'digital world' full of social media telling us how we should look, how we should act, how we should feel.  We’re not only constantly judging each other but also  judging ourselves. The Barre + Yoga Experience is here to help mend that void with encouragement, inspiration, self-love and friendship. To create an experience  where those can experience self actualization, release and reconnect.


When you walk through the doors of TB+YE it’s you and your mat, with a community of people supporting you. Set your intentions to move with a purpose. Think about what motivates you. There’s no greater feeling than pushing yourself further than you thought you could go, overcoming the fear of weakness with strength. Weakness, what is weakness? Weakness is giving up before you even try. Trying takes courage, courage takes strength. You’re strong, whether you believe it or not. I’ll tell you until I’m blue in the face and eventually hopefully you’ll start to believe me and believe in yourself. “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right” – Henry Ford

Can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. Eat the pizza, drink the margarita. Life’s too short!


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Studio Hours:
Doors open 15 mins prior to class start + close 15 mins after the end of a class. Outside of this, we're also open the following times:
Mon 4pm-9pm | Tue + Fri 4pm-8:30pm | Wed + Thu 5pm-9pm | Sat 8am-12pm
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